Australian Spotted
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Origin United States
Class Bantam
Egg Production 50-125 per year[1]
Weight Drakes 2.2 lbs
Ducks 2.0 lbs
Status Endangered

The Australian Spotted (otherwise known as Aussie Spots) is a domestic duck bred by John C. Kriner JR. and Stanley Mason in the 1920s. Originated in the United States[2], this breed's foundation stock consists of a combination of Mallard, Call, Northern Pintail, and different Australian species. They are exceptionally hardy and excellent foragers- the ducks are also the best layers of the Bantam class.

Originally, Australian Spots were classified as a wild species.


Australian Spotteds, according to breeders, should be intermediate in type between the slender, long-billed Mallard/Pintail and the plumpy, short-billed Call. The bills are of medium length (1¾ to 2 in.) and medium width. The head is oval and moderately streamlined (unlike the Call, with a high forehead and chubby cheeks), and the body has a teardrop-shaped profile when viewed from certain angles. It's legs are placed near the center of it's body. [3]

Australian Spotteds are also a bit smaller than most wild Mallards, and their vocalizations are neither high-pitched nor plentiful.

Drakes have plumage resemblance to Mallards, as they have dark-colored heads (depending on the variety, heads will be blue, green, or silver in breeding season) gray/white body color, and bright orange feet. Out of season, they are identical to the ducks.

Ducks have fawn/white plumage with mottled feather patterns, the colors of the spots depending on the variety.


  • Greenhead
  • Bluehead
  • Silverhead

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