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A headshot of the White Call duck.
Origin Netherlands
Class Bantam
Egg Production 25-75 per year[1]
Weight Drakes 1.6 lbs
Ducks 1.4 lbs
Status Common

The Call is a breed of domestic duck originated in Holland as a working, turncoat duck. This breed is also a direct descendant of the wild Mallard.

Originally employed as live decoys, Calls were needed to entice wild ducks into a laid-out trap- being selected for it's high-pitched, distinctive voice. Currently, however, Calls are primarily raised for exhibition, decoration, and as pets.


Today's Call ducks resemble toy ducks, with a plump, bowl-shaped body, short, broad bill and stubby neck. They are also not only the most talkative, but one of the most active breeds of ducks. [2]

Drake and Duck color will depend on the variety being raised.


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